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The Internet's Largest PSP Game Download Site!

The Internet’s Largest PSP Game Download Site!

Downloading and playing games on your PSP is a very simple process. You will be able to download games that are exactly like the UMD version, with no quality loss whatsoever. The games will be loaded and played directly from your PSP memory stick. Download from thousands of games. Our database of games are updated daily.
Action Games
Metal Gear Solid – Sonic Rivals – Grand Theft Auto – Justice League

Marvel Ultimate All – Dungeon Siege – Valkyrie Profile – Moster Hunter

Racing Games
Need For Speed – ATV Offroad Fury – NASCAR – Burnout Legends

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – NFL Street 3 – Madden NFL 07 – NBA Live 07

Instantly access millions of PSP ready files, along with a Free PSP Software Package and Free PSM Magazine Subscription!

The PSP is a very versatile piece of equipment. It allows portability for playing games in the form of small UMD disc that you can easily carry around. However apart from UMD disc, there are other ways of storing your PSP games i.e. in your memory sticks.
This is a simple guide on how to download PSP games from your computer to your PSP.
Homebrew PSP games are custom design games developed by programmers. Some of the feature of these homebrew PSP games is that it emulates other gaming console so that you will be able to play wide variety of games from platforms such as Nintendo, Supernintendo, Megadrive, NeoGeo and much more.
This makes the PSP a very powerful gaming console not to mention that these homebrew PSP games are available all over the internet.
What you will need is sufficient PSP memory stick. I would always recommend memory stick of at least 1GB, but if you do not have the sufficient resources (i.e. money) a 256MB Memory stick should be alright.
Note: for a brand new memory stick you will need to format it.
The other thing that you will require when installing a game to your memory card is your PSP Firmware version 1.5 or less.
Later firmware version will not work. If you do have a later version of PSP, please consider downgrading you PSP.

In simple terms its this; you will download your games from the internet into you PC and then transfer your game files to your PSP via a USB cable.
When your computer is connected to your PSP, your PC will recognize your PSP as a detachable memory (similar to a USB drive). It will assign a drive (usually f: ) and you will be able to drag and drop you PSP games file to your memory stick.

These are some of the step to download PSP games:

Step 1 You must copy your PSP games file to the correct path or the games simply will not work. The correct path is PSP>GAME (all the folder names are in caps)

Step 2 After the PSP games are fully transferred to your memory stick, disconnect the PSP from your PC. In your PSP main menu, scroll to GAME and then select Memory Stick option. Press X, and list of available games in your memory stick will be displayed. If you find any error on your PSP, you might want to check your firmware version.
This is a simple guide on how to download PSP games from your computer and it is a proven techniques and been done countless of times. Most important of all it allows you to enjoy wide variety of games from other gaming console.
PSP Blender Facts

What is included with a PSP Blender Membership? With your PSP Blender Membership you receive instant access to millions of files ready to be transferred to your PSP. This includes but is not limited to movies, television shows, video games, music, and PSP software.

Are the downloads full version games and movies? The downloads are the full version games and movies, exactly like the original.

Are there any additional fees after a membership is purchased? There are no additional fees ever after a membership is purchased. Members receive unmetered, and unlimited access to millions of files ready to be downloaded to their PSP.

How long does my membership last? There is a one time fee for lifetime access to the PSP Blender download Database.

What firmware versions are supported? All current firmware versions are supported.

How do I download movies/games/music to my PSP? The files are downloaded to your computer then you simply transfer the files straight to your PSP using a USB cable or compatible memory stick reader. We offer all software needed and complete step by step instructions making the process simple even for a child.

Do you offer PSX/PS1 games that can be played on my PSP? Absolutely! We are the only PSP download service to offer this option at the time. Download all of your favorite PS1 games and play them on your PSP.

Can I download imported or foreign games? We offer games from all countries. If you are looking for a Japan import, we will have it.
Do you offer PSP emulators and ROM games for Gameboy, Super Nintendo, ect? With a PSP Blender membership you will receive access to emulators and thousands of PSP compatible ROM games from the following systems:

Gameboy / Gameboy Color
Neo Geo CD
Super Nintendo
Sega Genesis
Neo Geo Pocket
Turbo Grafx 16
Nintendo (NES)
PC (Windows)

What video format is used on the PSP? We show you how you can play almost any type of video on your PSP this includes the following video formats.

What audio format is used on the PSP? We show you how you can play almost any type of audio on your PSP this includes the following audio formats.

Can the downloads be played on my computer, TV, or iPod? There is no limitation on where you can watch the movies. Watch them on your computer, burn them to a disk and watch them on your TV, watch them on your iPod Video etc..

How fast are the downloads? Our recent speed tests indicate the following data.

Is PSP Blender Macintosh compatible? PSP Blender is now fully compatible with Macintosh Systems . We include step by step guides and instructions specific to Macintosh users.

Is PSP Blender compatible worldwide? PSP Blender is fully compatible with all versions of the PSP.

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements? At a minimum, you will need the following items:
Operating Systems
Windows® Vista/XP/2000/98/ME Macintosh OS X
Processor (CPU)
A Pentium II 300 MMX or equivalent as a minimum
Memory (RAM)
At least 64meg memory
Hard Drive (HDD)
Hard drive on your computer with at least 4 gb, but preferably 10 gb FREE space in one partition.
USB Cable
PSP USB Cable or memory card slot on your PC
PSP Memory
At least a 256MB-512MB memory card. 1GB or larger cards are preffered

Is PSP Blender Legal? PSP Blender is 100% legal as we do not condone the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. By joining PSP Blender you agree that you have read and understand our safety agreement.

How can I connect to the internet using my PSP ? The PSP can connect to existing Wi-Fi hot spots. Hot spots are areas with Wi-Fi service and are either accessed for free or for a fee. It is possible to purchase access using a metered system or passes good for a certain time frame, such as day, week or month. There may be metered access or with a pass for, for example, a day, month or year. Access can be for a complete chain of locations or just one hot spot. Hot spots can be in bookstores, cafes or airports. Using the below website you can search for local Wi-Fi hot spots.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? We provide full support and can help with most technical issues. If you have met the minimum requirements but still have trouble because of hardware issues we will offer a refund. A refund request must be made within 60 days of the date of the purchase.

Is there any support available if I am having problems? We offer full technical support to members via email, our PSP members forum, and support tickets. We also send out a weekly mailing detailing all of the updates to the PSP scene as new types of downloads are constantly available.

Can I connect my PSP to my PC? The PSP can function as a USB Memory Stick Duo reader. Using this functionality, you can copy pictures, audio, and other content to and from your Memory Stick Duo. To access the Memory Stick Duo in your PSP from your PC, you’ll need a USB cable that has a “Mini-B” connector (common for digital cameras) and a “Standard-A” connector (common for printers, etc). Plug the Mini-B side into the top of your PSP and the Standard-A side into your PC. From the PSP software, navigate to the top of the settings list and select “USB Connection.” Your PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) should detect a new “Removable Disk Drive” that you can then access.

What is UMD? UMD (Universal Media Disc) is a new, proprietary, high-capacity optical medium enabling game software, full-motion video and other forms of digital entertainment content such as movies and music, to be stored. The newly developed UMD is the next-generation compact storage media and at only 60mm in diameter, can store up to 1.8GB of digital data, making it perfect for a portable entertainment player like the PSP™ system. UMD stores a broad range of digital entertainment content including games, music, movies, and more.

Do I need to use a wireless hotspot or wireless access point to play against people? No, you can also connect up to 16 PSP systems in the vicinity directly through ad-hoc mode for gameplay without any additional hardware. PSP Blender game downloads fully support multi player options.

Where can I buy PSP transfer cables, and Pro Duo memory sticks? We highly recommend Ebay for the best deals.
For more information and resources on PSP games download.