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Playstation 3 Issues

Playstation 3 Issues

There have been some circling issues about Sony’s newly-launched Playstation 3; even before it was released rumors spread on the internet about it having copyrights, which meant that consumers could not resell the games they already owned and they won’t be able to buy second hand cheaper games. Although these Playstation 3 issues spread around fast, the fact that people reacted to the issue was a concern for Sony. In fairness, Sony denied the stories about illegal Playstation 3 games re-selling.

One of the main Playstation 3 issues however, which has caused concern, is the retail price of the system that has stirred up consumers who were anxiously waiting its release. The Playstation 3’s price upon release was reported to be more than $2,300 on eBay, this was somewhat appalling to some, but Sony explained that production cost alone was at an estimated US$805.85 (20GB model) and US $840.35 (60GB model). The suggested retail price for the Playstation 3 in the United States is at US$499 up to US$599. Nevertheless, people still lined-up for hours in stores, and some even camped outside retailer stores when it was released in the United States.

Other Playstation 3 issues are on some of its “not included” accessories such as the HDMI cable and the memory card adapter. The HDMI cable not being included in a PS3 package has had some complaints from consumers, as the maximum level of high-definition games can’t be wholly experienced without the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable allows an advance high-definition video and audio quality that makes the PS3 device much more enjoyable. With it being sold separately, consumers has raised questions about Sony’s marketing strategies. On the other hand, Sony HDMI cables cost about $59.99, something people have been willing to buy to ultimately experience their PS3 amusement system.

Another issue for Playstation 3 is its production supply, it has been said that PS3 has not been able to meet the demands of consumers that even resulted to a delay in its release in Australia and Europe to March of 2007. The Playstation 3 issues on supply are reported to be because of diodes shortage, which is used in PS3’s Blu-ray drive. So far, the Playstation 3 has been launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States; next in line is Australia and Europe, and the rest of the world would have to be patient till their turn comes.

These Playstation 3 issues are just some of the lingering matters linked to PS3, but it’s no surprise to one of the most popular leading game consoles in the market today.