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Kimber 8VS Review: A true audiophile speaker cable

The Kimber 8VS is a strong entertainer at an affordable cost provided its excellent quality feel and look, as well as much more notably, it determines well.

#audiophile #hifi #kimberkable.

– My existing main gear (at the day of this video clip)-.
Magnepan 1.7 i.
SVS SB-2000 Pro subs (set).
Schiit Freya+.
Schiit Vidar (set).
Mac Mini w/ Roon.
MoFi StudioDeck with UltraTracker cart.
Lounge Audio LCR MKIII phono pre.

– Room Treatment -.
GIK 242 & 244 Panels.
GIK Monster Bass Trap.
GIK 6A Alpha Series Bass Trap Diffusor/Absorber (6″)’.
GIK Evolution PolyFusor © – Sound Diffuser/ Absorber Combination.
Do it yourself Absorbers (wood framework with acoustic foam and also textile treatment).

– More Info –
Kimber 8VS:
Kimber 8PR: