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I Challenge GR-Research To Blind Test His Own Audiophile Speaker Cables On Camera.

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I ask a HiFi maker GR-Research to blind examination his very own audio speaker cable televisions that they market. Danny Richie, the owner happily approves.

Audio speaker stands:
Better audio speaker stands:
acoustic panels I make use of:
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BDI Cabinet I utilize:
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my fav hifi modifies: (Isoacoustics tools)

GR Research Cables:

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Expert Look at The GR-Research Factory – DIY Audiophile Speaker Haven:
Complete 2+ human resources video clip of Danny Doing the blind examination:

0:00 Backstory
1:47 Was Danny Able To Tell A Difference?
12:59 Why is the GR-Research HiFi Cable Better?
16:21 Is There Measurements For Better HiFi Cables?
18:00 How do you create Better HiFi Cables?
19:35 Should You Get GR-Research Cables?

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