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DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors

DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors

If you are fond of watching movies at home, playing computer & video games with friends, then the DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors may just be a good choice for you. This comes with DVD compatibility and with two 5-watts integrated speakers.

These use a DLP technology and thus a high quality picture is produced. With the new ImageA1 feature of the DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors, the light output can be changed up to 20%. The changing process is done quickly and wouldn’t be noticeable at all. This feature provides for an amazingly high contrast projection.

Color uniformity for the DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors is very good at 90%. Its resolution is WVGA (854×480). These come with 1,000 ANSI lumens output and have high contrast ratio of 4000:1. These come with color calibration adjustment controls for better color accuracy fine-tuning depending on your desires and preferences. These can project a wide-screen image from a range of 4.9 feet to 32.8 feet and come with a manual zoom and focus.

The physical dimension of these DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors are 14.5″ x 4.6″ x 10.7″ (W x H x D). These weigh around 7.8lbs and have a sleek design. These can accept sources from Composite (RCA), S-Video, D-Sub VGA, Stereo In/Out, Optical audio out, and power input.

Lamp is at 200 watts, with 2000 hours lamp life and 3000 hours lamp life in economy mode. Replacement lamp for these DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors would cost around 350 dollars.

It has less audible noise at 28dB in high power mode, and 27dB in low lamp mode. The noise level will not be a problem and will not interfere with your viewing pleasure.

Accessories would include the remote control, component VGA-adapter, carry case, composite cable, power cable, lens cap, and the 15pin/component RCA-HDTV adapter

The DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors are also ideal for first-time buyers and users who might not know if they are sensitive to rainbow effects. One can make do without wirings and cables, which you would otherwise have to contend to if these came in separate systems.

There are no light leakages on the units. And exhaust expels the heat on the side. These are extremely portable and can even be set up on coffee tables, or on the floors.

You will enjoy a cinema experience like never before in the very comforts of your home. Your gaming would come alive and would make you enjoy them much more.

The DV10 Movie Time Optoma Projectors are stand-alone systems. There is a video player, a projector and an audio player in these. These projectors provide high definition picture. With the direct connection of the DVD player to the projector circuitry would mean less noise & signal degradation, and would mean more enjoyable home quality viewing.