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CAVS Karaoke DVD-203g USB Supercdg Player: Pros And Cons Of The CAVS DVD-203G USB

CAVS Karaoke DVD-203g USB Supercdg Player: Pros And Cons Of The CAVS DVD-203G USB

Are you interested in CAVS Karaoke DVD-203G Player? We have rigorously examined and tested the CAVS DVD-203G USB in both home and professional environments and their are a few important points to consider when evaluating this model. Karaoke addicts, Junkies, enthusiasts and professionals alike will value this in depth look at a new technology.

There has been lots of talk about the CAVS Karaoke Players so we thought we’d take the time to test one of the more popular models. The DVD-203G USB has all the usual features like 2 mic inputs with echo, programmable song ordering, numeric keypad to access any number song, parental control, digital Key control and Voice cancelling on multiplex discs but here we’ll cover pros and cons on important points of interest.


Professionals will not use the supplied microphone. To my ear, as a professional I like to use high quality mics so the singers always sound their best. That being said, the average “consumer ear” may find that the supplied CAVS microphone sounds just fine.

There are no fancy video graphics like you see with the 12″ laser discs. What you get is backup tracks of CD quality music with the song’s lyrics on your monitor or TV.

There are several ala carte extras to consider before buying a CAVS DVD-203G USB as follows:

The unit has two mic inputs but only comes with one microphone as was mentioned above. You might want a second for all those duets.

Most packages include 1 disc (up to 1250 songs) so if you want more discs they can cost between $70 – $200

The USB port is for an external hard drive which is NOT included so that will cost $100+ depending on the size but you could fit up to 100,000 songs or more on the bigger ones.

An Audio/Video cable is included but any additional cables for example; SVideo, Coaxial or Optical cables will have to be purchased separately.

In order to make your own SCDGs you need additional software for around $49 or a deluxe version for $69 from the manufacturer.


The CAVS DVD-203G USB is an average sized components which fits nicely into a home entertainment system or pro rack. It can replace an AC3 Dolby Digital DVD Player and/or 500 CD Carousel. It easily hooked up to my TIVO via the front side AV inputs (White-Red-Yellow RCA plugs) but those without TIVO should look for the same jacks on their VCR or right on the TV. You can also use an S Video connection or the RCA A/V jacks on your home stereo and TV combo. The professionals use the mixer and video directly to a video monitor or video patch bayto sync multiple TVs.

Plays every format: DVD/VCD/SCDG/CD+G/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/JPEG/Kodak Photo CD

Excellent sound and arrangement Quality – We tested the Sweet Georgia Brown Magic Tracks with 1208 songs and the quality of the sound and the musical arrangements were excellent.

SuperCDGs can be played on your computer. Each retail disc comes with a self contained PC program which loads and plays the hundreds and thousands of songs allowing you to do a karaoke show with just your (DVD equipped) PC or Laptop.

It’s possible to Make your own SuperCDGs from your old CD+G library or from your MP3 collection of non-Karaoke songs with the optional software.

With the CAVS DVD-203G USB Player you can also hook up to an optional CAVS 60, 160 or 250 Gigabyte hard drive for a whopping storage capacity of 100,000 songs.

For the Professional:

Save Money from buying so many discs
Save Time from changing discs between singers
Save Pain from carrying hundreds of discs in cases
Save the headache from dealing with scratched discs when you swap them out since the need to swap discs it virtually eliminated.

Mix-Down allows you to make studio type output of your performance to an external recorder or computer

In Conclusion

The trade-offs do not outweigh the values. There were a few added costs for a hard drive and some additional SCDG discs but we now have an expandable system which plays SCDGs. With this unit, the only thing that sets the pros apart from the amateurs is the ‘7 Rules to Hosting a CAVS Karoke Party’