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BlueRigger Optical Audio TOSLINK Cable | Digital Audio Cable (Unboxing Review) [Hindi]

Unboxing review of BlueRigger optical toslink audio cable which is used for high quality digital audio outputs between high end devices. Optical fiber is much superior than conventional RCA audio cables but to really get the maximum audio quality you also need to have a high quality audio system capable of giving good sound quality through optical cable. Bass sounds much deeper and clearer and trebles are very much noticeable while using this optical cable.

Links for buying:

~~~Bluerigger Optical Audio Toslink Cable~~~
6 feet
10 feet
15 feet

~~~AmazonBasics Coaxial Cable~~~
8 feet

~~~ Subwoofer Cable~~~
8 feet
15 feet
25 feet
35 feet
8 feet

~~~AmazonBasics RCA Y-Splitter Cable~~~
1 Male to 2 Female 12 inches
2 Male to 1 Female 12 inches

~~~BlueRigger 3.5mm to 2RCA Cable~~~
8 feet
12 feet

~~~Cable Organizing Velcro Straps~~~
Gizga Cable Ties Strap 10m
Gizga Cable Ties Strap 7m

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