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Are Silver Audiophile Speaker Cables Really Better?

We often see audio cord makers proclaim the use of unique steels for their cords (ie. We take an appearance at the conductivity/resistivity of silver and also contrast it to normal copper to figure out if there is any type of fact to these insurance claims.

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Denon AVR-X3600H 9.2 CH AV Receiver:
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Audioholics Recommended Cables:
250ft CL2 12AWG Speaker Cable:
Securing Banana Plugs:
9ft 4K HDR HDMI Cables:

Audioholics Recommended Speakers:
SVS Prime 5.1 Speaker/ Sub System:
Klipsch RP-8000F Tower Speakers:
Leader SP-FS52 Speakers:
Sony SSCS5 Speakers:
SVS SB-3000 13″ Subwoofer:

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