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Shure SM7B or SM7dB – Review With Audio Test

0:00: Introduction
1:00: Physical dimension distinction in between SM7B and SM7dB
1:37: Why did Shure launch the SM7dB?
2:30: SM7dB maintains all the terrific things on the SM7B
2:55: Taking a better consider the SM7B vs SM7dB (Pre-amp).
3:22: What I would certainly suggest for you to evaluate out the SM7dB when utilizing it for the very first time.
3:45: Audio examination that I would certainly be executing on both microphones.
4:17: Audio Test 1: SM7B – Straight out of box.
4:34: Audio Test 2: SM7dB – Straight out of box (Bypass setting on).
4:56: Audio Test 3: SM7dB – Straight out of box (Pre-amp on +18 dB).
5:16: Audio Test 4: SM7dB – Straight out of box (Pre-amp on +28 dB).
5:36: SM7B vs SM7DB, which should you purchase?
6:18: Closing ideas and shoutout to Shure on their SM7 50th wedding anniversary.

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Examining the Shure SM7B and SM7dB microphone with Audio Test. Join me as I go via the various integrated preamp gain framework on the SM7dB.