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How To Connect Your iPod To Your Home Entertainment System?

How To Connect Your iPod To Your Home Entertainment System?

Music fans everywhere are tuning in to iPods. To get going with an iPod is not difficult. After you purchase one you can download off the computer, your favorite tunes, right onto the iPod. The flexibility of song choices and its small compact size make the iPod great for those seeking portability. Just like the Walkman’s of old iPods can be used for exercising, walking, waiting in lines, simply clip it on and plug in your headphones or ear buds and go.

Now that you have taken all the time to search, find, and sort your own personal top 100 or so tunes wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your iPod to play them on your supersonic, surround sound home stereo system? Or, if you are planning on throwing a party and have prepared a special song mix for it, you can simply download those tunes to your iPod and play them on your home system. Using some cables and a dock you could be on your way to enjoying your iPod tune selections at home as well.

Using the headphone jack on your iPod you can connect it to your home stereo. Visit a local electronics stores such a Radio Shack, and purchase a 3.5 mm RCA adapter cable. This is the same size as a standard headphone jack. Now you can connect your iPod to the amplifier’s sound input. When you try this for the first time you should make sure your iPod’s volume is set below its half way point. You will be using the stereo’s control to adjust the volume. You don’t want to blow your stereo’s amplifier speakers by having your iPod volume cranked. If you need to you can always adjust your iPod volume after you have determined that it is necessary.

Curious about universal docking? The universal dock works with multiple electronics devices, just like a universal remote. You can use a universal dock to connect your iPod to your computer. A cable should have come with your iPod when you purchased it for this purpose. When you put your iPod in this you are able to sync and charge it. When you plug your dock into an electrical outlet with your iPod Power Adapter you can also charge the battery. You can also dock your iPod to your stereo or speakers using an iPod AV cable or an audio cable from the stereo and now play music using your iPod. If you want to get really fancy you can control your iPod from a distance using an Apple remote control.

If your iPod has video capabilities or a color display you can connect it to your TV and view photos or watch videos. You can do this by using the iPod’s AV cable or a S-video cable.

You can also connect your iPod to your car’s stereo system using the auxiliary input on your car’s stereo. Take a 3.5 mm cable with stereo connectors on each end and plug it into the auxiliary input. If your car’s system lacks an input jack you can use a cassette adapter.

So, while an iPod with its ability to store your personal favorite tunes, may simply seem like an improvement on the old Walkman it has many more functions that you only need a few cables to utilize.