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HiFi Cables Demo with VBS Audio and Dirty Cheap Ones

My very own experience with power line as well as electronic wires, with an audio recording. Review my created testimonials with ratings at
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VBS Audio wires included in the video clip:

Video clip concerning Interconnects:

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00:00 My experience
08:50 Demo description
12:23 Sound Demo Song 1
13:44 Sound Demo Song 2
15:03 Sound Demo Song 3
16:05 Cable disclose as well as VBS talk

Examination system:
Pi2AES Streamer + Allo Shanti
Denafrips Ares II DAC
Hegel H90 Integrated Amp
KEF LS50 audio speakers
VBS Power wires, Interconnect cable televisions, Digital cords + Neotech NEMOS-3080 Speaker Cable.

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Track 1 – Bert Jerred – Forecasting
Track 2 – Jeffrey Philip Nelson – Sarah
Track 3 – Quincas Moreira – Selfie Stick

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