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Celest Plutus Beast Review | THE TRIBRID BEAST FOR $89! | OB Reviews Audio

When I think about a brand that has been providing some of the most unique IEMs in recent times, I always mention Celest first as they have been going absolutely nuts with their IEMs. From the brand that brought the “revolutionary” SPD, they’ve come out with a brand new release that has got to be one of the most peculiar names and driver configurations in the market. It was certainly a head-turner, but can it do more than just turn heads? Let’s talk about the Celest Plutus Beast!

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All thoughts and opinions shared on this video is of mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in any way and I was not told to say anything about the product. These are all my honest observations.

Audio is a very subjective hobby and as much as I try to objectively explain my thoughts and opinions, your mileage will vary. My preferences will also affect how I perceive the gear that I review. Sources and other accessories will also modify your experience. Lastly, my reviews should always be used only as a guide and not as the definitive bible. Trust your ears to know what’s good.

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