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Cables Matter: Mini Reviews of Several Headphone Cables Part 1 – Entry-Level & Mid-Level Cables

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00:00 Intro
01:31 Shameless Self Promotion
01:56 Disclaimers & General Info
05:49 Introducing Entry-Level Cables
07:44 Hart Audio Cables
11:43 Audiophile Ninja
14:05 Audiophile Ninja vs Hart Sound Comparison
15:49 Introducing Mid-Level Cables
20:01 Gladiator Caesar Fusione Harmony
23:12 Corpse Cable GraveDigger
26:18 Forza Noir Hybrid HPC
29:22 Comparison of Gladiator Fusione Harmony vs Forza Noir HPC
31:49 Gladiator Caesar Argento
34:08 Comparison of GraveDigger & Argento
34:42 Wrap-Up