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Apple’s USB-C Trickery: iPhone 15 Pro’s Hidden Cable Controversy?

So Apple’s released a bunch of new USB-C cables. BUT here’s the kicker, you’re not going to get the most out of your new iPhone 15 Pro with the included cables. In fact, all the Apple USB-C cables that you can buy at the Apple store…won’t help out…

If you need a cable right now, get this one (Amazon link):

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I did do the tests on the iPhone 15 Pro Max but I’m not sure about. Using the same data transfer files, the iPhone 15’s Pro Max time for the 5.5 GB file was on average (3 runs) around 185 seconds and the ~1200 for the 38 GB file. I would imagine they would be same but I’ll try again after my iPHone 15 Pro Max has been on for a few days (might be an indexing issue?)
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